About the Leaflet Distribution Company

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Trust In The Pigeon

Our logo here at The Leaflet Distribution Company is a carrier pigeon and it’s not just there because it’s cute.
Throughout history carrier pigeons have been trusted to deliver messages to the intended recipients, and that’s exactly what we do.

We are the Leaflet Distribution Company, a small management team with extensive management, marketing, and client relationship experience.

In short, we know how get things done for our customers.

Our History

The Leaflet Distribution Company started in 2013 as a result of using door-to-door delivery companies in our previous roles. We were left frustrated and disappointed by the lack of transparency and the poor quality of service. We knew we could do better, so we did.
We researched, refined, and crafted our offering and we now deliver a range of services, including a full design and print service, which we would be happy to use ourselves.

We don’t know too much about you yet, but you’re probably just like many of our clients.

You have your team in place or your website’s online and you’re ready for business. Maybe you have a new product or service, a new menu, or you need more properties?

You want more people to find you, sign up, call, or buy from you. Or, you might just want to say, ‘Hi we’re here, see what we do,’ and get your brand known. If that’s you, we should talk.

Have you tried other leaflet distribution companies?

We’ve been where you are now.

We’ve felt the pain, and the cost, of a failed leaflet delivery campaign. We’ve sat waiting for responses, not knowing where, when, or even if, leaflets have been delivered.

Now we offer an alternative solution.

The Leaflet Distribution Company have invested in…

The latest satellite technology for GPS tracked leaflet delivery

A full online system so you can view when and where your deliveries happen

A guarantee that your marketing materials will be delivered when and where you want

And a team of professional people who are trained to treat your delivery with the respect it deserves

We deliver your demographically targeted leaflets, magazines, and charity bags door to door using GPS guaranteed adult distributors. Coventry, Rugby, Nuneaton, Leamington, Warwick, Kenilworth, Bedworth & Warwickshire villages.

We deliver through our partners locally in Hinckley, Atherstone and Daventry. We also have partners who can deliver to areas nationwide on request.

Why our logo is a pigeon?

Carrier pigeons are renowned for delivering messages on time and to the right place.
During wars, they have been awarded medals for their tenacity and dedication to fulfilling their mission. And that’s the same attitude and work ethic here at The Leaflet Distribution Company when it comes to your leaflet distribution campaign. You’ll see more of the pigeon around the website to remind you of how we deliver what we promise.

Ready to get started?

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