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The Leaflet Distribution Company
Sherbourne House
Rear of 247 Humber Avenue
Coventry CV1 2AQ
Tel: 01788 816687 or 02476 016500


We want to learn more about you and your marketing goals so we can give you straightforward and relevant information to get your marketing campaign started.

Call our Client Relationship Director Tracy on 02476 016500 or 01788 816987.

Do you guarantee delivery?

If you give us 10,000 leaflets, we know that 10,000 people will see them. We guarantee it, and we can prove it. Not only are we guaranteeing our delivery, we guarantee that they’ll be to the houses agreed in the time scale agreed. 

Our GPS system gives us enhanced accuracy of all our tracks and an interactive view of the delivery round. We’ve found that it gives us unsurpassed evidence that every bit of your marketing material has been delivered.

do you really beat any printing price?

Because we buy so much print, we’ve been able to negotiate extremely competitive print prices for all our customers. So yes, we really will beat any printing quote when you use our delivery service.

How many leaflets will I need for my area?

Using specialist software we can highlight any area you may wish to run a campaign in. We can analyse each area at street level and use data such as the number of residential addresses and the tenure of each of the properties to help you identify where you need to deliver to.